Thia Tran

Thia found yoga in 2008 on the search for body and mind stress relief. She ventured to India, Nepal and Thailand meeting many great teachers opening her up to several styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Sivananda, power yoga and yin, humbled by the art of each form. She realised that no matter the place, style, or teacher, the life teachings remain the same. She truly believes every moment of every day is the practice of yoga.

Quinn Tran

Quinn is our remedial massage therapist & a natural adventurer. She brings a big smile, and edgy sequences into her classes, allowing students to explore a wide range of movement, with an emphasis on the bio-mechanics of the body. Her witty ability to address the perfect imperfections of each individual including her own, allows her to express her all time favourite topic – Acceptance. . Good alignment and adjustments are some things to expect from Quinn. You might be lucky enough to feel the warmth of these healing hands on your skin after a challenging practice!

Lois Whitman

Since finding Yoga in her mid-teens, Lois has been practising and studying yoga for almost 3 decades. Lois has a world of knowledge to share on the traditions of yoga, she is a strong practitioner of the traditions in yoga philosophy, asanas, breathing and meditation techniques. In the 1990’s she began to attend Satyananda Yoga classes with Muktanand Meanjin who had lived in India and taught there and in Australia for many years.Alongside, Lois worked passionately with traumatised refugees as a counsellor. Lois saw the benefit of the healing of yoga and has dedicate her life to providing ease to  traumatised clients to help relieve the stress, emotional and somatic suffering they endured. She has found yoga to be a great complementary therapy to trauma therapy.

Bastien Rachiele

Bastien Rachiele is a trained Hatha Yoga Teacher. He completed an intensive training regime in South India with a reputable yoga research college early 2016. Bastien Rachiele is a dedicated practitioner, with a strong interest in Prana (breathing technique) and the preservation of energy (prana). Bastien has an ability to show people a better way of living with his openness, optimism and simplicity. He originates from south east of France, living in the French Alps. He has spent most of his life in the snow, as a ski enthusiast/patrol man, horticulturist, and a huge explorer of life.

Elly Tran

Elly teaches traditional Iyengar Yoga which pays close attention to anatomical details and the alignment of each posture.An emphasis is placed on the modification of Asanas with props so as to allow students to illuminate a deeper awareness within every pose, no matter how new or advanced the practitioner may be. With confidence Elly light heartedly encourages students to achieve a goal, using a variety of postures to challenge, while evoking a sense of harmony between the Yin and Yang in their practice. A firm believer of life holding limitless learning’s, more often than not you’ll find Elly practising as a student alongside everyone else at our studio.