Thia found yoga in 2008 on the search for body and mind stress relief. She ventured to India, Nepal and Thailand meeting many great teachers opening her up to several styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Sivananda, power yoga and yin, humbled by the art of each form. She realised that no matter the place, style, or teacher, the life teachings remain the same. She truly believes every moment of every day is the practice of yoga. Thia finds peace in bringing people together & often devotes her time learning & performing karmic duties at local temples.


Quinn is our remedial massage therapist & a natural adventurer. She has lived in multiple countries & finds joy through volunteering, playing music & sharing positive outlooks in life with others.. She found yoga in 2013 and decided to study Hatha, Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga in India in 2015. Quinn completed her Yin Yoga studies after with Sarah Owens Australia. She encourages students to cultivate a mindful practice & practice acceptance in order to explore their potential in all her classes. She places emphasis on bio-mechanics & believes in good alignment of the body. Adjustments are some things to expect from Quinn. You might be lucky enough to feel the warmth of these healing hands on your skin after a challenging practice!


Bastien Rachiele is a trained Hatha Yoga Teacher. He completed an intensive training regime in South India with a reputable yoga research college early 2016. Bastien Rachiele is a dedicated practitioner, with a strong interest in Prana (breathing technique) and the preservation of energy (prana). Bastien has an ability to show people a better way of living with his openness, optimism and simplicity. He originates from south east of France, living in the French Alps. He has spent most of his life in the snow, as a ski enthusiast/patrol man, horticulturist, and a huge explorer of life.


Elly Discovered yoga in 2012 and shortly after living and working in Asia, she found that the practice of yoga asana (spiritual postures0 and meditation opened a doorway towards inner peace ever since. Elly’s journey inwards has led her to become a trained yoga teacher and after travelling extensively within India, Elly studied to become a therapist in Ayurveda with goal to help individuals become more aligned with their innately balanced state of mind-body health and vitality.

Elly offers a space where you can be engaged in a light-hearted , dynamic, yet encouraging environment. Expect to play with various props for alignment or challenged at times with no props and become more present through led meditative practices.


Ellis tried yoga for the first time in 2000 while living in the USA. She first practised to help relieve neck tension & pain. After several months of practice, she began to notice the mental benefits as well as the physical. Eager to learn more about this ancient science, Ellis attended numerous workshops & private lessons. She studied more yoga in 2009 to become a teacher with focus on Iyengar style alignment. A few years and two babies later she discovered Vinyasa yoga and followed additional teacher training to become a Vinyasa registered teacher. Ellis is a dedicated mother and a disciplined yoga practitioner. She is on her mat at home 4 mornings a weeks to keep her patience in check raising a young family. You may also find Ellis practising regularly at Bo Tree’s classes.  Ellis believes in the power of breathing exercises and is always happy to assist in class if a student desires so.


Deni first found Yoga in 2010 at a challenging time in her life. The holistic benefits of the practice ompletely caught her by surprise and Yoga quickly became the backbone to her life. From here she began her journey to learn as much about Yoga and it’s philosophy as she could. Deni enjoys incorporating what she has learnt from the traditions of Kundalini, Ayurveda, Ashtanga, Yin and Hatha Yoga as well as drawing upon her time in an Ashram. With a background in Science she weaves together all of the knowledge she has gathered in hopes of connecting others to the same healing benefits she has uncovered herself. 


Cristal started practising Yoga since 2015 and has become a qualified Yoga teacher in 2019. She is a dedicated practitioner with a strong interest in prana and asana (posture and alignment) and prana (breathing technique).  Experiencing the great health benefits of Yoga, she has dedicated herself to promoting the benefits of Yoga and making it more accessible to the community. She is a regular Bo Tree practitioner. You will see her practising Yoga in most of our Vinyasa classes. When you see Cristal, please do say hi!