Yoga has been a part of my life since my mid teens when in country New Zealand a cousin, working for a publishing company, visited my family and gave us a box of books. In it was a book on yoga. I claimed it and began to explore the asanas, breathing and meditation techniques it described. I loved it. It was many years before I ever took a yoga class.
In the 1990’s I began to attend Satyananda Yoga classes in West End with Muktanand Meanjin who had lived in India and taught there and in Australia for many years.
Also around this time I was working with traumatised refugees as a counsellor. With one of the other counsellors who was also a trained yoga teacher we began to provide yoga classes for traumatised clients to help relieve the stress, emotional and somatic suffering they endured. We found yoga to be a great complementary therapy to trauma therapy. I went on to train as a yoga teacher and in 2003 I completed my training with Radiant Light Yoga.
I taught yoga for many years alongside my counselling work. I then took a break to concentrate on and deepen my own yoga practice. It has been a great joy to attend the classes at Bo Tree in the last year and to now begin to teach once again.