BEGINNERS (To Vinyasa)

These classes are open to everyone. Suitable for people who are new to yoga or have not practised in some time. You will receive clear explanations as you ease into a Vinyasa form of movement paying particular attention to the rhythm of breath, naturally establishing a relationship between breath and body movement. Small steps and basic techniques are taught mindfully with the intention to lead you into our Vinyasa I & II Classes with confidence!


These classes are open to everyone who likes the challenge of a slow and strengthening focused flow. Teachers merge together traditional postures that give rise to a seamless flow. There is a mindful focus on variations to help each humble individual find their potential. These classes allow teachers to get intricate with the ‘when’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of yoga asana (physical practice) so you have plenty of time to inquire while you explore the teachings.

These classes advance to Vinyasa II.


These classes are open to everyone who likes the challenge of a dynamic flow. Classes are creatively sequenced with a mindful approach for those ready for more ‘challenging asanas’. This includes intricate techniques to master those inversions and trickier balancing postures. These classes aim to harness the strength and flexibility in each individual. We stay humble to truly advance… and only then can we see the depths of our being…

These classes align with Immersion Class every Saturday morning.


A perfect class for those who need a slower paced class that makes time for grounding exercises. You will find yourself moving without thought, liquid in body and calm in mind. These classes are led with less attention on correct ‘body alignment’ but rather the constant and consistent movement that circulates blood and energy in and around the entire body. You will catch yourself sitting so still and comfortably in long breathing practices, alas! you have arrived at meditation!


These classes are suitable to everyone and is a great way to get in touch with the subtler practice of yoga. It is an interactive comfortably paced class that introduces you to Yin, a style of yoga that charges our parasympathetic nervous system hence rejuvenates us from within. There are many pauses in between each posture, allowing teachers to give you personal attention. In all our Yin Classes, teachers will help you focus on breathing, body alignment and occasionally if you listen carefully, there are profound teachings that may give you answers to the unresolved ‘stuff’ going on in your everyday life…


The next step from Beginners Yin. Experience longer holding times and adjustments to assist you with a challenging but comfortable stance as you progress.

Yin II

The next step up from Yin I. Students will spend some time to warm up first before entering Yin Postures. There are a series of methods to and variations before arrive at the final, more advanced postures.


We are the First studio In Brisbane to run weekly wheel classes! This amazing apparatus will help you deepen your practice physically, mentally and energetically.  With the support of the wheel, you will understand the mechanics of your body, bring particular awareness to spinal health and how this can resolve so many ongoing complaints in the physical body. You don’t need to be experienced or a circus enthusiast! In fact it is a deeply therapeutic class attracting many with injuries and sensitivities that need constant attention and care.  The feedback has been so positive, we have added a fortnight Sunday morning class so check our timetable each week to make sure you don’t miss it.


If you are a Beginner, speak with the teacher before joining this class.

Our Immersion Yoga class will help you deepen your practice as classes are themed around what students are ready to venture into and will have typically been introduced in the Vinyasa I & II classes. Often, we work alongside other friends and students to assist each other with Inversions or advanced transitions. These classes are challenging. You are invited to practice with self acceptance, self care and overall gratefulness for all that you are blessed with at each present moment.